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Arm Lift

Arm LIft

He presence of sagging on the upper, back and inner parts of the arm often occurs with fat deposits and skin sagging. Another reason for sagging is related to old age, gravity and intermittent weight loss. Because the skin and subcutaneous tissue are looser in these areas. The rate of adipose tissue accumulating with sagging varies from person to person. For this reason, each patient who will undergo arm lift aesthetics should be evaluated individually. Arm lift surgeries can be performed alone or in combination with breast reduction, breast lift, tummy tuck, leg stretching and liposuction. Arm lift surgery should first be performed in a hospital with adequate equipment. The surgery is performed under general anesthesia and takes approximately 1-3 hours. It will be sufficient to stay under observation in the hospital for one day after the operation. Because there will not be any discomforting pain.

What is arm lift surgery and for whom?

The procedure in which the excess fat and excess skin in the arm area of ​​the person is removed and thin and tight-looking arms are obtained is called arm lift surgery. Arm lift surgeries are usually performed on women aged 40 and over. Arm lift aesthetics can be applied to anyone who has excess fat and skin in the arm area and is disturbed by this appearance.

What should be considered before arm lift surgery?

As in all surgeries, you should quit smoking, aspirin, blood thinners and similar substances about two to three weeks before the surgery in arm lift aesthetic surgeries. Just before the operation, you will need to inform your doctor about your general health and the medications you use.

You should not use painkillers such as apranaks, vermidone and voltaren, multivitamin pills, green tea, tomato seeds, cherry stems, flax seeds and all weight loss products.

What will I experience after arm lift surgery?

After arm lift surgery, patients can go home. There is a protective bandage on the stitches for two days after the surgery. Since all of these stitches are under the skin, the stitches do not need to be removed. At the end of two days, patients can easily take a bath. During the first three weeks after surgery, patients should avoid excessive arm movement. The biggest problem to be experienced after arm lift surgery is the scars left on the arms. These scars are not the ones that can be seen when viewed from the front. Since the scars will remain on the inside of the patient’s arms, only the patient will see it. If these scars heal without any problems, they will fade after six months. You will need to use a corset continuously for 4 weeks after arm lift surgery. The first dressing after the operation will be done on the 5th day after the operation. In this process, you may have mild numbness, bruising and edema, but these will pass quickly. You can easily return to your work life within a week after the operation.

Is the result of arm lift surgery permanent?

Since the aging process will continue after arm lift surgery, there may be some relaxation. Then it will accelerate this process in weight gain and loss. But your arms will never go back to the way they were before. Patients should pay attention to their weight and do regular sports in order to maintain the result after the surgery.