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Breast Lifting

Breast Lıftıng

What will I experience in the period after breast reduction surgery?

Breast reduction surgery will not be an operation where you will feel very pain. The patient can go home the next day after staying in the hospital for one night for control purposes after breast reduction surgery. Since the patient will not feel any pain after breast reduction surgery, this process will be extremely comfortable.

As in all breast surgeries, drains are used in breast reduction, and the drains are removed after 24 hours. While the patient can be fitted with a band after surgery, they may also be asked to wear a sports bra, usually for a month. Since the operation sutures will be under the skin and dissolve by themselves, there will be no need to remove the sutures. Patients can easily return to work after resting for a week. After the surgery, attention should be paid to arm movements for a certain period of time and it is recommended not to lift too heavy things.

Will the results after breast reduction surgery be permanent?

After breast reduction surgery, the results will last a lifetime.

This new body-proportioned image will also increase your self-confidence.

You will also get rid of your painful state before the surgery.

 However, it will be effective as long as you pay attention to your smoking, skin quality, genetic factors, exercise, water drinking and alcohol use after the surgery.