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Breast Reconstruction

Breast Reconstructıon

Breast reconstruction, that is, breast repair, is a procedure performed with the aim of restoring the shape of your breast. breast reconstruction; In order to prevent and treat breast cancer, it is called the removal of the breasts and then the reconstruction of the breast tissue with similar tissues. Most of the breast reconstruction procedures performed using your body’s own tissue are performed during the breast removal surgery. However, a second operation can be performed for correct positioning of the breast, natural appearance and nipple reconstruction. Breast reconstruction is an extremely difficult and complex surgery. Especially if the application will be made after cancer, it would be correct to evaluate it together with a specialist team formed by general surgery and plastic surgery doctors for the most accurate decision and a good result. Breast reconstruction treatment options are divided into two. The first is the procedure to be performed from the patient’s own tissue, and the second is the procedures to be performed with the prosthesis. Here, the method to be used is determined by the joint decision of the surgeon and the patient.

What is the duration of breast reconstruction surgery and what is the appropriate age range?

The duration of breast reconstruction surgery varies between 1 and 5 hours. This change varies depending on the technique applied. There is no suitable age range for surgery. In other words, anyone who needs this surgery can be applied at any age. The length of stay in the hospital also varies according to the scope of the surgery. If there will be a simple prosthesis placement surgery, this can be done on a daily basis. However, if the surgery is more extensive, the duration may take up to a week.

Am I a suitable candidate for breast reconstruction procedure?

Breast reconstruction is a method that can be applied to all patients whose breasts are removed. However, in the process of breast removal due to cancer, the cancer tissue must be completely lost. Breast reconstruction would be more appropriate for these patients.

 As before all surgical operations, there are things to be considered in breast reconstruction surgery. Necessary tests should be done, attention should be paid to smoking, eating and drinking should be paid attention to, and regularly used drugs should be reported to the doctor.

It has been many years since my breast was removed with surgery. Can I still have breast reconstruction surgery?

Yes, of course you can have breast reconstruction surgery. This surgery is an operation that can be performed throughout the life of a healthy adult. In addition, if it is suitable for general surgery, breast reconstruction can be performed even at the time of removal of the breast.

Can I recover immediately after breast reconstruction surgery?

Depending on the technique used in breast reconstruction surgery, the healing process will also differ.

The recovery period after the surgery is generally seen between four and six weeks.

In breast reconstruction surgery, if the patient is reconstructed with his own tissues, the healing process will be longer than repair with a prosthesis.

You will have pain for a few days after the surgery and this is perfectly normal.