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Breast Reduction

Breast Reductıon

Breast reduction surgery is required in pregnancy, when the breasts are larger than normal, in cases related to excess weight and breastfeeding. Breast size is not only a cosmetic surgery, but also a serious health problem. Because big breasts cause problems such as back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, limitation of physical activities, scars under the breast, not being able to wear the desired clothes and bra straps cutting the shoulders. In order to eliminate these discomforts of people who are disturbed by this situation, some of the tissue, fat and skin that gives fullness to the breasts are removed. Then the proportion of the breasts with the body is provided. Both of your breasts may not be the same size. In order to ensure symmetry in breast reduction surgeries, different operation techniques can be applied to both breasts. Before starting the breast reduction surgery, the patient’s height and breast weight are calculated and new breasts are drawn accordingly. Afterwards, the breast tissue and excess skin are removed by applying general anesthesia to the patient. Breast reduction surgery takes approximately two to four hours. Even if there is slight pain in arm movements during the first days after the surgery, these pains are temporary pains. Two weeks after the operation, the patient’s stitches are removed and at the end of this period, the patients will be able to return to their work easily.

What should I pay attention to before having breast reduction surgery?

The first thing you should do before breast reduction surgery is definitely a breast ultrasound.

Then, two weeks before the surgery, you should stop using aspirin, blood thinners and some painkillers.

It is important not to use blood thinners such as vitamin E, green tea, ginseng, herbal extracts and flaxseed.

It is also recommended to quit smoking one week before surgery.

 Otherwise, the wounds will take time to heal.