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Eyelid Aesthetics

Eyelıd Aesthetıcs

Eyelid aesthetics, namely blepharoplasty, is an aesthetic surgical procedure that is applied to the eyelids and provides tightening of the parts of the eye area.

 Mostly after the age of 35 to 40, sagging of the upper eyelids, bags under the eyes and wrinkles are seen.

This gives the person a sad and tired appearance. In order to prevent this appearance, the excess skin on the eyelid of the person is removed. In this way, the person will have a younger and fresher look.

Eyelid aesthetic surgeries are generally needed more after the age of 35. The surgical risks of these aesthetic applications are low.

 Due to hereditary reasons, it is seen that some people have disturbing problems in their eyelids at a young age. In these people, eyelid aesthetic surgery can be performed at an early age.

Before performing eyelid aesthetics, the eyebrow position of the people should be examined very well. If the person has low eyebrows, eyebrow lifting surgery should be among the operations to be considered.

Can eyelid surgery be applied to everyone?

Since the skin of the eyes is the thinnest skin in our body, it is also the most easily wrinkled area.

Although it is possible to temporarily correct these wrinkles around the eyes with botox, eyelid surgery should definitely be performed for a permanent solution.

 Eyelid surgery is a method that can be easily applied to anyone and at any age with these wrinkles and deformations.

Will there be any scars on my eyes after eyelid surgery?

During eyelid surgery, the excess skin on the upper eyelid is removed with a simple method and sewn into the existing line in the area.

Likewise, if there is an excess on the lower eyelid, the skin is opened with a line just below the eyelash and the fat tissue inside is removed, then the lower eyelid is closed again.

In short, this line formed during the surgery will not be seen as it will be just under the eyelashes.

Can I return to my normal life immediately after eyelid surgery?

Since eyelid surgery is a very simple operation, the patient can return home within the same day. On the day after the surgery, he will be able to watch TV and read a book easily. After the operation, the stitches on the eyelid will be removed within a week after the operation. In short, immediately after the operation, the person will be able to continue his normal life easily.

What should I pay attention to after eyelid surgery?

After eyelid surgery, there will be thin and short bands in that area, but there is no need to close the eyes despite this.

After the operation, it is recommended that the patient lie on a high pillow.

 Since eyelid aesthetic surgery is a simple operation, the patient can return to his normal life after resting for 1-2 days