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Gastric Sleeve

Gastrıc Sleeve

Sleeve gastrectomy is also known as sleeve gastrectomy. In the surgery, a large part of the stomach, approximately 80% of the stomach, is cut to reduce the stomach volume. With the reduction of the stomach, the person will lose weight as food intake will be restricted. The stomach, which normally has a pouch-shaped appearance, will take the form of a thin long tube after this surgery. 

The stomach taken by cutting is removed from the body irreversibly. In this cut-out part of the stomach, there is the part that produces the hunger hormone, ghrelin, which stimulates the hypothalamus region of the brain. In this way, there will be no decrease in the feeling of hunger of the person. Gastric valves called pylorus, which regulate the emptying of the stomach, are preserved in sleeve gastrectomy surgeries. Since these valves are protected, there will be no change in the digestive system of the stomach. Just by eating less, you will feel full faster.

People who have gastric sleeve surgery can reach a feeling of fullness by eating less food, thanks to their shrinking stomachs. The purpose of sleeve gastrectomy surgery is to enable the person to lose weight by eating less and consuming healthier foods. Gastric sleeve surgery can be performed open or closed. 

What should I pay attention to before sleeve gastrectomy surgery?

 It is generally recommended to be hospitalized 24 hours before the time of bariatric surgery. Again, the day before, you should enter a liquid diet and not eat solid food. Eating should be stopped completely from 12 pm. Oral water intake should be stopped 8 hours before your surgery. 

What are the advantages of sleeve gastrectomy surgery? 

The advantages of sleeve gastrectomy include narrowing of the gastric passageway, saturation with a small amount of food, decreased appetite and a balanced diet. Gastric sleeve surgery is easier and shorter than gastric bypass surgery, and the hospital stay is shorter.Gastric sleeve gastrectomy can also be converted to some other obesity surgeries when necessary. 

Who is gastric sleeve surgery suitable for? 

Anyone who complains of being overweight cannot undergo gastric sleeve surgery. In order to undergo this surgery, the patient must be between the ages of 18 and 65 and the body mass index must be above 35-40. If the person has cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes and serious health problems caused by their excess weight, does not have alcohol and drug addiction, does not prevent the change of his life style, and is at a level that can overcome the stress of surgery, if his health condition is suitable, if the person cannot lose weight other than surgical method to lose weight. It is suitable for surgery. 

How much weight can I lose after sleeve gastrectomy? 

If you eat healthy and do your regular exercises after sleeve gastrectomy surgery, you can lose 65-80% of weight within 1 year after the surgery.However, if you cannot establish your eating habits and eat healthy, you may experience weight gain again by approximately 5% in the future. 

What will I experience after gastric sleeve surgery? 

You can stand up 1-2 hours after coming to your bed from the operating room. After the first day, you can take a shower by closing your dressings together with your protective bath covers. You can start your work after resting for an average of one week after the surgery. If you have a job that requires physical activity, it is recommended to start after 30 days.