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Implant Treatment

Implant Treatment

The loss of teeth, which is a part of facial aesthetics, causes psychological and social problems. In addition, it causes speech disorders, nutrition, digestive problems and shifting of the teeth. For this reason, the place of the extracted teeth should be filled as soon as possible. Filling is also possible with dental implant treatment. For the application of bridge prostheses, the teeth next to the missing tooth area should be cut. In today’s technology, new artificial tooth roots are placed without the need to cut healthy teeth. Implant treatment is a treatment performed by applying porcelain structures that imitate the function and aesthetics of the tooth on the artificial tooth roots and roots made of titanium. Implant treatment is a very preferred and applied method today. Various types of implants have been produced, but the most used type is screw-shaped implants.Thanks to the implant treatment, people have new artificial teeth with the same comfort in place of their natural teeth that they have lost over time and experience the same comfort again. 

What are the advantages of implant treatment? 

Preservation of adjacent teeth next to dental cavities without cuttingPrevention of melting of the jawbone in the tooth cavityMaking oral hygiene practices easierIt can be done one by one as in the natural sequence of the teeth, thus increasing the hygiene.better chewingBeing able to eat whatever you wantA more aesthetic appearanceA happier social lifeIt has advantages such as healthier eating due to being able to eat everything. 

Can implant treatment be applied to every patient?

 Implant screws have a certain thickness and width. For this reason, the jawbone of the area where the implant should be placed should be at a height, width and quality to accept the screw. Before the implant treatment and during the stay of the implant in the mouth, the gums should be healthy.Before the implant, if the general health of the patient is good and there is no condition to prevent the application, implant treatment can be applied successfully. 

Will I feel pain during implant treatment? 

You will not feel any pain or pain when the appropriate anesthesia method is applied during the implant treatment. General or local anesthesia method is used according to the patient’s preference during the procedure. The pain that can be felt in the evening after the implant is placed can be prevented with simple painkillers. After the treatment is completed, you will not even feel the presence of the implants, and you will not notice any difference from your existing teeth. 

Will I have a lot of pain after implant treatment? 

Long-term pain after implant treatment is a rare condition. After a successful and appropriate implant treatment, there is no long-term pain. It is normal to experience mild pain. 

How long can I use my implants? 

Implants have a very long life.It appears to stay in your mouth for more than thirty years without any problems. The lifespan of implants varies depending on many factors. Some of these are the patient’s health and taking good care of dental implants. If these factors are taken into consideration, the implants can be used for a lifetime.