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Ortopedia and Traumatology

OrtopedIA and Traumatology

Modern treatment methods in orthopedics and traumatology…

In our Orthopedics and Traumatology Center; With external fixators, one of the current treatment methods of orthopedics, all kinds of congenital disabilities are corrected, arm and leg shortnesses are treated and lengthening surgeries are performed.

Congenital hip dislocations, polio and cerebral palsy sequelae and all childhood orthopedic diseases are followed and treated by orthopedic physicians specialized in pediatric orthopedics. For the first time in our country, “Endoscopic Lumbar Hernia Treatment” and “Total Disc Prosthesis Application” started to be applied in our center and these applications continue successfully. With endoscopic treatment, a very small skin incision is made and the patients stand up one day later. It is possible to stand up immediately after disc prosthesis surgeries.

Unlike other treatment methods, the disc prosthesis surgeries performed in our center ensure that the spine maintains its movement and dynamics, allowing patients to get up and walk immediately and return to their work.

Randevu Talep Et