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Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure applied to correct the deformity, dysfunction of the shape, skeleton and soft tissues in your nose or to reshape it to make it look more aesthetic. Thanks to rhinoplasty, the size of your nose can be changed, its curvature can be corrected, nostrils can be narrowed, the angle between the lips and the nose can be corrected, the tip of the nose can be lifted and its shape can be changed. The purpose of all these procedures to be performed on your nose is to make your nose shape suitable for your face structure and to permanently correct the defects in your nose. With rhinoplasty, if necessary, the structural defects of your nose that make it difficult to breathe are corrected and the airways are opened. Rhinoplasty surgery is definitely an operation where science and art meet.

Will I feel pain in rhinoplasty surgery?

You will not be able to feel any pain with the effect of anesthesia during rhinoplasty surgery. After the operation, all patients are given painkillers for a few days. You may have some difficulty in breathing the first night after surgery. However, you will be able to breathe more easily after the intranasal dressings that we placed on your nose are removed. Intranasal dressings can be removed the day after the surgery. After this time, you will not have any pain or trouble.

At what age should rhinoplasty be performed?

Nose aesthetic surgery has a lower age limit. This limit is 17 for women and 18 for men. There is no upper age limit for rhinoplasty surgery. If there is a serious nasal obstruction in children and this situation impairs the development of your child, surgical intervention can be performed at an early age.

Can I have both my breathing problem corrected and nose aesthetics done during rhinoplasty?

Yes, you can correct your breathing problem and visually correct the shape of your nose during your nose surgery. While breathing comfortably, you can shape your nose to a suitable shape for your face.

Will there be scars on my nose after rhinoplasty?

You know that even any cut made on the skin leaves a scar. But those big stitches that come to mind when you think of surgical scars will not be in rhinoplasty. Because each incision and stitches opened in rhinoplasty operations will be made very carefully and will not be seen with the naked eye.

Nose aesthetic surgery is performed in two ways, open and closed. In the closed operation, the incisions will not be visible as they will remain inside your nose.

 In the open nose operation, a small scar will remain at the base of the nose. In case of an open operation, the patients will be informed in advance.

Can I return to my normal life immediately after rhinoplasty?

You can go home right after the nose surgery and continue your normal life. After the operation, you can breathe easily thanks to the thin silicone that we place in your nose. After the rhinoplasty operation, you can stay under our surveillance for one hour and then go home with your companion. However, we recommend that you stay under our supervision in the hospital for one day after the operation.